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Three Things You Must Internalize to Get Into Comedy Writing

It’s never been easier or more difficult to get into comedy writing. On this episode of Instead of Writing, I offer you a three-step foundational approach I’ve developed from my experience teaching hundreds of comedy students. Comedy can and must be learned. You can start writing comedy. Try to internalize this cycle and pay attention …

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Instead of Writing: Should We Be Excited for the New Hunger Games Prequel?

I’m not sure how I missed it, but Suzanne Collins announced a prequel to her smash hit Hunger Games trilogy. On this episode of Instead of Writing, I’m breaking down all of the must-know details and asking the million-dollar question: Should we be excited or very, very afraid?

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Instead of Writing: Celebrating Halloween at Evermore Park

Evermore Park is a complete playground for people who love fantasy. It is also set during the reign of Queen Victoria, which makes it doubly fun for me as it plays right into the gaslamp genre I love so very much. We went this weekend and had a truly interesting adventure. Drama. Action. Mystery! I …

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Instead of Writing: Sabrina the Teenage Witch vs Harry Potter

Harry Potter is a worldwide phenomenon. It’s by far the most successful book series in recent memory. However, what if I could make a case that many of those lovely little quirks found in Harry Potter could actually claim their roots in a different story? We’re headed back to the era of corded phones, skip-its, …

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Instead of Writing: The Affinity Bridge

Hey everyone, today on Instead of Writing I’m diving into a review of a book called The Affinity Bridge by George Mann. I also take this opportunity to dive into what that crazy thing called steampunk really is, and how it differs from gaslamp fantasy generally. The Affinity Bridge is the first in a longer …

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Instead of Writing: Halloween Media Pick 2019

Hey everyone, I’m excited to say that I’ve started up a new video blog called Instead of Writing. Each week, I’m sharing what tool I’ll be using to procrastinate my next draft. It could be writing craft stuff, geek-out worthy content, book reviews, or thoughts on comedy. Please head on over to Youtube and give …


Respecting Leaders: Is there glory in obedience?

We’re in 2019. Knowledge and information are at our fingertips in ways never before experienced in humanity’s history. But, with this firehose of input, I think as a society we’ve learned to develop a type of guarded cynicism. There are certainly wolves out there, and we’re wary of them. I think because of the access …


Why Storytellers Should Watch the Women’s World Cup

I hear it all the time. “I don’t do sports.” Everywhere I turn I find more artists and creatives who turn up their nose at athletics because they don’t understand them or they think it’s just not their thing. I’m not sure what causes the indignation toward sporting events. Perhaps these folks are plagued by …

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A Clever Writing Technique by Theodora Goss

I’m a bit of an Anglophile. Technically, I think that I can actually claim to be a citizen of Great Britain due to some of the Queen’s citizenship laws. It’s always fascinated me to see how much of western storytelling revolves around England during the reign of Queen Victoria or King Edward. I love that …