The Price of Freedom
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When five demi-gods claim the world as their own, humanity chooses survival by aligning themselves with one of them. But when a resigned political organizer responsible for coordinating the Five’s annual summit festivals fears he will lose the last piece of himself, can he find the courage to stand up to overwhelming odds?

Status: 1st Draft
A retired mind-wipe thief satisfies himself with a modest life running a mine with his daughter. But, when one of their workers discovers a large veign of arcaryte, an intensely valuable ore rumored to have magical effects, he faces the moral choice of his life: come out of retirement for a risky last haul and untold riches or play the responsible, safe father the rest of his life.

Fire Aboard
Status: 1st Draft
A young sailor dreams of earning enough to return to England and marry his sweetheart. But, as his vessel is stranded at sea, mysterious fires break out onboard threatening the life of the crew and his chance at getting home. Can he work with the captain to discover the arsonist before the the boat is reduced to ashes?

Ewok Bloodlust
Status: 1st Draft
Yub-Yub is no hunter. In fact, when it comes to pecking order, he’s at the bottom of his tribe. His claws aren’t sharp enough, his ears not alert enough, and his little stubby, furry limbs not quick enough to go out with the hunters. Being at the bottom wouldn’t be so bad if Yub-Yub wasn’t in love with Libna, the most beautiful sow in the treetop clan. But, when Snub Chuk gets wise to Yub-Yub’s wandering heart, he banishes him from the tribe. Can Yub-Yub find the strength to survive the evils of the forest floor and claim Libna’s heart?

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