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Recently, I made a goal to start putting myself out there more when it came to my writing. It can certainly be scary to publish what you write. On one hand, there are always feelings of insecurity about the quality of the writing. Somehow, even something like a misplaced comma can be enough to keep me up at night. On the other, there are insecurities about who I am. Writing fiction reveals so much about your true character and opinions.

I’m not the political Facebook post kind of guy. I love to play devil’s advocate in conversation with friends, but only to add depth to the discourse. When it comes to really bare my opinion, I’m bashful.

I can’t do that when I’m writing. The story and the characters demand decisions.

In an effort to honor my goal, I’m trying to publish more fiction this year. If you’re interested, I’d love to have you along on the journey. To start out, grab an ebook copy of my recent urban paranormal short story, The Price of Freedom.

It’s the story about a man who traded in his passion and principles because he was afraid of fighting.

Get your free pdf copy by clicking here or clicking on the link below.

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