Stories are magic

Hidden through history

The Crimson Inkwell

Magic exists where we cannot see.
It lives in unexplained phenomena, in attraction to strangers,
In a pen and crimson inkwell, from a trunk, in a tent, at a fair, in the fog...

The Crimson Inkwell is a story about journalist Luella Winthrop. In her journey to become Dawnhurst-on-Severn's most acclaimed writer, she discovers that her city houses dark, magical secrets too uncomfortable to believe.

When an enigmatic carnival worker offers her a pen that can turn fiction to fact, she quickly learns that tampering with the unknown can be intoxicating, lucrative, and dangerous. Can she withstand the onslaught of enchanted consequences with her life and engagement intact?

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The Silver Currant

Luella Winthrop is sick. A magical malady constantly threatens to throw her into fits of uncontrollable rage, and the attacks are getting worse.

Her journey to find a cure leads down dark and curious pathways that cast doubt on even her most cherished relationships. Soon, she will face questions and compromises she would never have considered before.

Can she trust the very love that makes life worth living?

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The Price of Freedom

The world has been plunged into political chaos after five uncompromising demigods arrive from beyond. What once were many nations have now dissolved into five competing factions, each loyal to their own deity.

Gerar's task is simple: put aside his own feelings and organize an annual, world summit honoring The Five. How far can one man kneel before breaking?

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