Straw into gold.

I really meant to get this whole thing going a long time ago. I guess I can hang my hat next to the millions of other writers that know the fickle mistress “Procrastination” all too well. The truth is, I used to write more often– then law school started. I had a fun little blog called Back to Being Gentlemen, where I would review books, poetry, dole out little autobiographical stories and the like. But now, having graduated from a legal education and experiencing quite the mind morph in the process, it’s time to really give authorship the energy and attention that my interest dictates.

I’m coming to an age where the luxury of looking to being a grown-up gets away from me. We probably all have goals to be such an amazing version of ourselves: to be infinitely respected by our peers and colleagues, to have the house and car of our dreams, familial bliss, the perfect balance between work and passion yadda yadda yadda etc etc… But life has checked and called, and now we both reveal our hands. This is a roundabout way of saying, if my thoughts aren’t worth others’ time by now, perhaps they never will be.

When I was a kid, my siblings and I loved the Muppets. (A review of their recent performances maybe isn’t merited here, but there’s lots to say). Even now, I tell my writing students that the TV writers for the original Muppet Show are some of the best sketch comedy writers of all time. The cleverness! The wit! The depth of character! All while maintaining a culture of morality amidst frivolity. I learned the story of Rumpelstiltskin from the Muppets. And that story describes how I feel now quite well.

Sometimes, it’s easy to feel like you just have straw. And it feels like the world is always asking you to spin it into gold. So, I’ll try my modest hand at it here. Tag along for updates about works of writing I’ve got in the pipeline, thoughts on current books and authors I’m reading, the neatest things I can find, and all others in between. You can judge whether it’s gold or straw, or maybe a weird mix that no one wants as jewelry but the cows won’t eat it either.

Closing my eyes, starting the wheel, wish me luck.


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  1. You got this!

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