The Silver Currant

In just a few days, The Silver Currant, sequel to The Crimson Inkwell will be available to readers. It has been a wild ride.

Second installments of trilogies have a longstanding tradition of being lame. There are exceptions, of course. I tried to study my favorite second children out there to see how they kept the pace, energy, and interest barrelling ever forward. I looked at the structure of films like The Empire Strikes Back, The Dark Knight, and Catching Fire to see keeps the story of a hero interesting. I

More than anything, I hope this book rewards those who fell in love with the characters in its predecessors. There are new friends, new adventures, and a lot more magic.

I’m also surprised by how connected I feel to this little world. I’ve always balked at writers who fall in love with their own process and creations. I don’t think I’m in love with the material, but it kept me up at nights in ways the first one did not. I’m afraid I’ve put some very raw parts of myself into the story.

As beta readers have provided feedback, it’s been so rewarding to see which people cheer for which characters. People have written back to me to say they hate–not dislike but hate–certainly individuals in the story. They can’t understand the characters’ motivation. I’ve others write to me about how much they connected with those same characters.

This makes me happy. I think we would despise a lot of people if we listened to their thoughts all day long. I’ve always believed stories are meant to redeem the faults we see in others. Some of my very favorite characters in literature taught me what I consider to be life’s greatest lesson.

Will you love Luella by the end of the book? Will you love the people around her?

If you get a chance to pick up a copy, I hope you enjoy the second installment.

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